The nature of security has changed radically over the course of the last twenty years. We now face a host of new   challenges and one of the most important factors in successfully meeting them will be training and the development of new skills.

Just as the nature of the threat has changed, so too have the opportunities for an effective response. New technology and innovative systems for learning, planning, training, gaming and exercising have all created a myriad of opportunities for raising awareness and ensuring that security forces and emergency responders are effectively prepared for the challenge of the new security environment.

The aim of New Security Learning is to provide a focus on technology-assisted training and learning for security, defence and emergency services. It offers a showcase for best practice and a platform for the discussion of new ideas. It is a new magazine for an important and growing industry but also a useful work of reference for security and emergency planners, managers and trainers.

New Security Learning is published free online every month and an accompanying newsletter is distributed to key figures in the worlds of defence, security, learning, training and simulation. To read New Security Learning, please just register here.


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